Lyn’s Two Gardens


'Rosecroft' the old garden 'The Pound' the new garden Lyn's Oriental Ceramics Clive's Clarinets & Saxes

In 2010 we moved house after 34 years. Our old and new gardens are both in the West Midlands of England but are very different in character. Our first garden, 'Rosecroft' in Worcestershire, was south facing and sloping towards the north. It was near the brow of a hill and very exposed to prevailing winds; not a frost pocket but two weeks later than the 'lowlands' a few miles away. The soil was heavy clay loam with buttery clay a spit down which was very rich and productive for established plants when worked and fed with good humus. Mildly acid.

Our new garden, 'The Pound' in Shropshire, is just the opposite, being north facing down to a brook in the bottom of the little valley which protects it from almost all strong winds. The soil is lighter and coarser but with an underlying sandstone clay rich in rocks! Basically neutral and hungry.

Feel free to browse any or all of these pages. The site is a collection of old and new web pages which need tidying up. That will be done, but we have only just moved house and it is almost spring. All gardeners will know that time for in-essentials is limited!